Kristin Harris

Founder, Yoga, Meditation and Breath, Reiki

Kristin is a 200 hour  E-RYT, an Advanced Yoga For Sobriety Teacher, and a Reiki Master.

The practice of yoga has changed her life in more ways than she can count. When she began to practice 10 years ago she was seeking something to do while her husband was out at his pool league. Little did she know it would become the door to transformation. She has been able to fill her toolbox with tools to deal with her own anxiety, depression, anger, and unwanted patterns of behavior. It has now evolved into a daily practice, a means to transform, a way of life. 

Through her practice she has been able to walk a path toward self love, acceptance, and compassion. She still has troubling days, but now has the tools to work with and feel her emotions without stuffing them. Breath helps her reduce repeating behaviors and mindful practices help me remain aware of my actions. Not to mention that she has been able to strengthen her body as well as he heart and soul. 

Through Seeds Of Love she strives to help others do the same. 

She love the practice of Yoga and hopes to share it to EVERYONE not just those who have the financial and/or physical means to do so. 


Liv Sangeeta(Lisa Braack)

Contributor, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and Breath, Reiki

Liv Sangeeta teaches kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. She has experienced the transformative effects of the practice and has developed a deep connect with the teachings and is honored to pass them to you. Liv Sangeeta, also known as Lisa or Mommy, is a mother of 2 and is also trained by Holistic Life Foundation as a youth yoga and mindfulness teacher, and Institute for Integrative Nutrition as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Sat Naam.

Daveki Keymoore

Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pre-Natal Yoga, Yoga Nidra

Daveki is an RYT500. (200 hour yoga teacher training (YTT) certification in Hatha Yoga and a 300 hour YTT certification in Yoga Therapy both from International Yoga Academy (IYA) in India). In additon, she is a CPYT100 (certified in pre-natal yoga teacher training; also from IYA. Daveki has been teaching yoga since 2015 and practicing yoga for over 15 years at home and in yoga studios. She believes in yoga’s (asanas, pranayama and meditation) therapeutic effects and that it helps her keep a healthy lifestyle. She loves to share her experience so others could benefit from it. She also believes that yoga is a lifelong journey and that the practitioner gets more flexible everyday through regular practice. She strongly believes that traditional yoga is for anyone and it can be adapted to any age, any body or lifestyle. She retired in 2014 from NJDEP, after 26 years of service, as a Supervising Environmental Specilist.

Erik Marrero

CYT, E-RYT 500, YACEP, RASIT, & MBSR Graduate

Yoga found Erik in the Spring of 2007.  As a cancer patient, he enrolled in the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, through the Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine at Thomas Jefferson Hospital.  Erik was suffering from the side-effects of his cancer therapies.  In MBSR classes, students/patients are taught to meditate and practice gentle yoga.  These practices help reduce physical and psychological symptoms, increase the ability to relax, reduce pain levels, and enhance the ability to cope with pain that may not go away.  With the first yoga practice, Erik felt great physically and very at peace. After graduating from the 8-week MBSR program, Erik continued his daily meditation practice and sought out yoga in a non-hospital environment. 

Erik completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training at Yogawood, 30-hour Yin teacher training at The Studio for Yoga, and his 500-hour teacher training and the American Sanskrit Institute teacher training at Trishula Yoga. Erik is a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) and a RASIT (Registered American Sanskrit Institute Teacher).

Erik strives to inspire his students to overcome obstacles, push their own limitations, move beyond the typical Hatha yoga realm, and to find mindfulness and ease-of-wellbeing with every breath, regardless of the pace, intensity, or complexity of the practice.


Angelina Coppola

Yoga Asana, Meditation

Angelina is a 200hr trained yoga teacher who believes all people can do yoga. Though she has be involved in movement practices all her life, she knows that you don't have to be "strong", "flexible", or "graceful" to practice - yoga will give you those abilities. 

When not doing yoga, Angelina is a music teacher, choir director, and bassoon player. She also works with marching bands in the southern New Jersey area. In her "spare time" she likes to crochet, read, run (sometimes), go to the beach, and travel. She was a gymnast when she was younger and graduated college as a Music Education major with a minor in Dance. She loves moving and loves seeing the subtle differences each yogi brings to a pose based on what feels good for his/her body.


Kim Corda

RYT 200, RN, BSN.

Beginner Yoga Asana

I began practicing yoga in 2000 after suffering a broken femur and knee in a motorcycle accident. It started out as a way of regaining strength and movement, but over the years my practice grew into a necessary part of life. As a registered nurse, yoga became even more valuable in helping me balance the physical, mental, and emotional demands of the profession. Seeking deeper understanding of the practice, I entered yoga teacher training in September 2017 and completed the training in February 2018. Through practicing, continued study, and teaching yoga, I hope to bring more joy and inner connection to myself and my students so that we may all live our BEST lives.

Lisa Short

Kids Yoga

Bio coming soon…..

Colleen Kelly

Kids Yoga

Bio coming soon…..

Suzi Zappile

Hatha, Vinyasa, Prenatal, Yin

Hi I’m Suzi! I found yoga after my health declined in 2013 from severe endometriosis (my abdomen and organs were all laced with scar tissue) Always being an active person, Yoga seemed like the perfect gentle introduction back into exercising. After only three months of yoga, I was completely pain free and feeling better than ever. I was in love with yoga! In 2016 I took my first yoga teacher training (200hr). After seeing the many benefits of a daily Yoga practice firsthand, I have made it her life’s mission to share yoga with the world....I have since become a Kundalini prenatal yoga instructor (100hr training), Yin yoga instructor (100hr training) and Reiki master. I am committed to learning all I can to deepen my knowledge to help heal myself and enable to others to do the same. Namaste

Andrea Mazzola

RYT 200 Vinyasa and Hatha

Andrea is a 200hr trained yoga teacher with a passion for gentle vinyasa. A strong supporter in both the physical and mental benefits of yoga, Andrea uses the mind-body practice to eliminate the stresses and anxiety that may come with daily life. Andrea’s objective is to provide students with the tools to strengthen their practice and to find their inner peace. It is her intention within each class to allow her students to leave feeling confident, happy, and safe within their own skin.

Outside of yoga, Andrea is a public relations professional in Philadelphia. Some of her other hobbies include reading, writing, hiking, and as a huge animal lover, spending loads of time with her shitzu-yorkie, Sadie.

Desiree Archie

RYT 200 Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha

Desiree is a softhearted yoga and meditation instructor who will assist and guide you into connecting with your own body and being. She is RYT 200 certified and her practice is focused on assisting you in feeling whole within your body, whatever that body may look like. Her class styles range from restorative yin to fiery vinyasa. Aware that different bodies house different boundaries, she invites to respect and listen to  your body and offer what you can. 

She has practiced yoga and meditation for many years, and after attending countless classes and workshops, she noticed the extreme lack of diversity within the wellness and yoga community. She recognized there were, and still are, so many people of color hurting and are living without the access and/or education to healing techniques and spaces. It’s been said that wellness is a privilege, she aims be apart of changing that narrative and make healing accessible for all bodies.’