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One Time Gift

We believe everyone has the right to heal regardless of income. 

. Many times finances stand in the way of people's access to healing modalities like, yoga, meditation, reiki, art therapy, sound healing, massage, etc..... At Seeds of Love our Mission is to continue to provide affordable exposure and access to countless ways of healing, especially connection through community. For us to do this we count on donations for all who are able to give. Whatever you can afford can help open some one's eyes and hearts to this amazing journey. 

Your tax deductible donations will go to things like, scholarships, yoga props,  community events, education and training, in addition to so much more in the future. 

We are so excited to grow this community and know that growth doesn't happen with out strong roots. We cannot thank you enough for your support!

All gifts over $100 receive a Seeds of Love Yoga T-shirt

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