Private Classes and Coaching



Looking for a different approach......


Private, one on one or multi person classes are a wonderful way to dive into your yoga practice. What do you want to do today to change your life? Why do you practice, or want to practice yoga? Whether it’s physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, the individualized attention and connection you receive through private classes is nothing but beneficial. We will meet in an initial connection session to discuss what your needs are and work together to come up with a style and sequence that works best for your body, mind and spirit. 


Individual Session:

$45 /  One Class 60 minute private instruction

Multiple Sessions:

$108/ Three Classes 60 minute private instruction

 $324/ Ten Classes 60 minute private instruction

Small Group Classes:

$45/ 60 minute class, $5 each additional student


Add a Float $60

Add a Salt Room $35


Community Coaching:

Would you love to to:

  • Discover more joy in your life?

  • Create stronger and happier relationships?

  • Develop a more clear sense of direction in your career or business (or just plain make some more money)?

  • Do something that feels REALLY HUGE, that will change the entire course of your life, like start a new business, write a book, or take on a mission that will impact more people than you can imagine?

  • Invite MIRACLES into your life?

  • Or are you feeling like your way of seeing and being in the world could use a tune-up?

If any of these is true, you're in the right place.

Introducing Mike Harris, Evolutionary Coach


Mike has joined us for workshops and led groups about transforming your life and coming into your own truth. He now joins the Seeds of Love Community as a one on one coach. We stand firmly behind him and would recommend him highly to anyone looking to evolve and expand into their truth.