Where Community Grows

Seeds of Love Yoga is a Non-Profit Yoga Community located inside of Float Haven Spa in Pitman, NJ. We were founded in 2017 with the vision that yoga and growth should be accessible to everyone within a supportive community regardless of how much money you have, what you look like, or where you live. Our mission is to provide physically, financially and geographically accessible Yoga to all. We aim to bring Yoga, Meditation and other healing modalities to communities, school districts, municipalities, and any other organizations who seek support , tools, and education. We feel Yoga, Meditation, and other holistic practices are a tremendous way to reconnect with oneself and begin a path of healing.

Community Outreach

Our container reaches beyond our Four Walls.

We love to bring classes and information sessions to groups, large and small. Our goal is exposure and accessibility so when you cant come to us, we come to you. Our teachers are trained to work with a variety of populations including schools, community groups, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, cancer treatment centers, retirement communities and much more. If you are interested in bringing Yoga, Meditation, or other information sessions to your group please send an email to info@seedsofloveyoga.org